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CD REVIEW: Scotty McCreery

Courtesy TonightMusic.com

See You Tonight


Beam me up, Scotty.

FORGET Taylor Swift, there’s a new country singer in town.

In 2011 he won the 10th season of American Idol, but the 20-year-old was in no rush to get an album out.scotty-see-you-tonight-cover-650

Now that See You Tonight is ready, you’d swear the guy has been singing for twice as long as he’s been alive. The album is so good it would easily make Kenny Rogers and Don Williams envious.

See You Tonight is a collection of sing-along tracks about young love that will most probably remind you of your first time in love.

After Midnight pops out as a must-listen gem and talks about things guys think about when they get a chance to be with women in the dark.

While things are a bit up-tempo in general, Forget To Forget You is a cheesy slow jam that meanders between country music and soft rock. It’s something Rod Stewart or Bryan Adams would nod their heads to.

The album’s title track, See You Tonight, deserves its position as a standout song as it almost makes booty calls something to be proud of. Again, McCreery bellows some catchy lines about how he has to see her that evening.

All in all, this offering has been made in a way that it will also accommodate you if you are not a Dolly Parton fan as McCreery fuses some swag in there. – Munya Vomo



Scotty McCreery Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of New ‘Feelin’ It’ Video

Courtesy - The Boot

Scotty McCreery is giving his fans a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the video for his latest single, ‘Feelin’ It.’

“It’s been a great day so far,” McCreery says. “We’ve got a lot of cool shots. [Video director Roman White]‘s been a clown. Today we started at Bodie Island, at the light house, did a little bit out there. Then we went over to the pier, and shot some shots down there.”

The Season 10 ‘American Idol‘ winner is seen enjoying the sand and surf with a large cast of twenty-something extras, while his song, with lines like “Pop tops poppin’ / Flip-flops floppin’ / Drop tops droppin’ down / Ray-Bans rayin’ / Waves are wavin’ / Ladies are layin’ out / Feelin’ it,” plays in the background.

They filmed the video on a public beach, so while they are taping, dozens of excited fans can be seen on the sidelines, watching McCreery in action, or recording it on their own cell phones.

“We’re here in North Carolina, in the Outer Banks, where I grew up,” the Raleigh, N.C. native explains, as the daylight begins to fade over the water. “It’s cool to be back and have a little personal touch to the video, and we’ve all had a blast out here. It’s beautiful.”

‘Feelin’ It’ is the second single from McCreery’s sophomore ‘See You Tonight’ album, which debuted at No. 1. The first single, the album’s title track, was certified gold for sales in excess of 500,000 units.

Download ‘Feelin’ It’ here.